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Torsby is a year-round tourist destination with a large variety of leisure activities, events, and facilities for recreation and accommodation. Come and discover the endless possibilities yourself!

Summer and winter

The favourable location of Torsby is the key to year-round tourism. Summer offers a fantastic variety of nature-based activities thanks to our abundant but “friendly” wilderness, in the form of forests, hills, lakes, rivers and streams. Visitors can enjoy activities ranging from bathing, fishing, canoeing, mountain biking, rafting and hiking to wilderness safaris. Autumn subsequently offers new possibilities, such as berry picking and hunting.

The winter season lasts from December to Easter and makes it possible to engage in activities that meet the requirements of every experienced winter tourist. The Torsby district counts no less than two alpine ski resorts, Branäs and Hovfjället, and several cross-country skiing centres, such as Långberget, Mattila and Torsby Skidtunnel & Sportcenter. Other exciting activitities include snowshoe hiking, ice fishing, dog sledge tours and snowmobile safaris. On top of that, the unique ski tunnel is open for cross country skiing and biathlon all year round.

Everything you need to know about accommodation, activities, events and sights in the Torsby district can be found on (a website that is updated daily), and at our local tourist office.

Tourist office

Our tourist office is located in Torsby center (at Tingshuset) and the office is open year-round.

The staff will help you find all information you need about things to see and to do, as well as about accommodation and restaurants, both locally and regionally. The tourist office in Torsby is an authorized tourist office, and have information about the whole area of Värmland.

Notify us about events!

As a local or regional association or organisator of events you can be included in our brochures. Notify us of planned events and activities! We are glad to help with advice about promotion of events and tourist activities.


Torsby turistbyrå, Järnvägsgatan 9 (Tinghuset), Torsby

Tel. +46 560 160 50


Website: Visit Torsby

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