Torsby kommun
Torsby kommun

Emergencies and crisis

When you need help, there are several telephone numbers you can call, depending on the situation.

  • SOS Alarm - 112
  • Poisoning
  • Psychiatric emergencies
  • Victim support
  • Alcohol helpline
  • Children's helpline and chat
  • Help and advice during a life crisis
  • Support for women
  • Support for men
  • Free medical advice
  • Social Services in Torsby for individuals and families

SOS Alarm - 112

Are you in an emergency situation, do you need immediate help? Is life, environment or property in danger?

Call 112 if you need immediate help. Call 112 if you or somebody in your vicinity collapses or has a serious accident. Call 112 if there is a fire or any other situation requiring ambulance, fire or police services.

112 is the emergency number that you can call from a landline or mobile phone anywhere in Sweden. Your call will be directed to the SOS Alarm Centre in the region your phone call is coming from. The SOS Alarm operator will ask you the following questions:

  • What has happened?
  • Where did it happen?
  • What phone number are you calling from?

The operator will dispatch the correct emergency service as quickly as possible. All operators speak Swedish and English. 112 is the emergency number throughout Europe.

SOS Alarm


Always call 112 in case of acute poisoning. In less urgent cases, dial 010-456 67 00.

Useful information about poisoning among adults and children, adder bites, poisonous mushrooms and more

Psychiatric emergencies

Call the telephone service for psychiatric emergencies and advice in Karlstad at 010-831 98 40 (open around the clock) if you or someone else with psychiatric problems needs help or advice.

For children and youth up to 18 years old and their families, call 010-831 83 00 (daytime) or 054-61 50 00 (nighttime and weekends). When calling at night or during the weekend, please ask to be put through to the nurse on duty in the department for child and youth psychiatry.

Victim support

Victim support is available

  • if you, or someone close to you, have become a crime victim
  • if you have been witness to a crime

Call 020-021 20 19 to speak with a person in Swedish or English. To get in touch with someone who speaks your language, you can leave a message at the voicemail service or send an e-mail to Within a few days, someone who speaks your language will call you back.

About victim support (Brottsofferjouren).

Alcohol helpline

Call 020-84 44 48 if you are worried about your own or someone else's drinking habits. You will receive advice and can remain anonymous during your call.

Children's helpline and chat

If you are under 18 years old and need help or advice from an adult, you can always call 116-111. This is the National Children's Helpline (BRIS). You don't need to say your name and your call won't be visible on the telephone bill.

Adults can also call BRIS to talk about a child: dial 077-150 50 50. It does not matter if your question is about difficult matters or everyday problems, and it may be about your own or someone else's child. You can remain anonymous. The person you speak with will give you advice and, if needed, he or she will give you information about organisations that can help you.

Children and young people up to 25 years old are also welcome to chat anonymously with The Red Cross 'Friend on call' (Jourhavande kompis).

Support for women

There are several sources of support and advice for women who experience difficulties in their lives.

Terrafem runs Sweden's only national helpline for immigrant women. Here you can get support and advice in about 40 different languages. Call the helpline at 020-52 10 10. Terrafem offers a place of refuge for women of all ages who have been exposed to (sexual) violence, abuse or harassment. Your call is free of charge and will not be listed on your phone bill. You can remain anonymous.

Kvinnofridslinjen, 020-50 50 50 is a national helpline for women who have been subjected to threats and violence. Relatives and friends are also welcome to call. Your call is free of charge and will not appear on your phone bill. You can remain anonymous.

Unizon represents over 120 Swedish women’s shelters, young women’s empowerment centres and other support services working together for a gender equal society free from violence. There is a support service in Torsby: call 070-523 81 40. E-mail:

Contact the Värmland Emergency Service for women (Krismottagning för kvinnor) by phone or e-mail if you are experiencing a life crisis and feel the need to talk with another woman. The fee is SEK 150 per call, but you may receive an exemption. Here you can find contact information (in Swedish).

Support for men

Are you a man and experiencing a life crisis? Do you feel the need to talk with another man for advice? You are welcome to call or send an e-mail to the Värmland Emergency Service for men (Krismottagning för män). The fee is SEK 150 per call, but you may receive an exemption. Here you can find contact information (in Swedish).

Free medical advice

You can call telephone number 1177 at any time to get medical advice from a nurse over the phone. You will only pay for the costs of the telephone call. The nurse will judge your need of medical treatment, give advice and help you find the right health care institution if needed.

  • If you need medical advice for children up to twelve years old, press 1.
  • If you need medical advice for children older than twelve years old or adults, press 2.

Social Services for individuals and families

Torsby Municipality provides different kinds of assistance and social services to residents, customized to the special needs of the individual or family. Examples of cases suitable for assistance are individuals and families struggling with drugs- or alcohol-related problems, adoption or child custody issues, or problems with debts and budgets.

Call the reception of the Social Services Department at +46 560 162 00 or send an e-mail to

If your question is urgent and the Social Services Department is closed, please dial +46 560 114 14. This number can be reached at nighttime and during weekends.

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