Torsby kommun
Torsby kommun

Chief guardian

If residents need assistance in safeguarding their rights, their property or their well-being due to illness or mental impairment, the court can appoint a guardian, or, if needed, a trustee.

The Chief Guardian Committee of Torsby Municipality supervises, amongst others, the activities of the appointed guardians and appoints a special supervisor to handle practical issues concerning guardians.

The office is located in Sysslebäck, but it is also possible to make an appointment at the municipality's head office in Torsby centre.


Telephone service: Tue-Thu 9.00-11.30 hours

Postal address: Torsby kommun 4. Överförmyndarnämnden, 680 60 Sysslebäck

Visiting address: Sysslebäck Community Centre, Torget 5, Sysslebäck

Tel. +46 560 160 94


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